Vitalizing cells from the inside out:


Nicotinamide mononucleotide
Fact 01

One source of the various
disorders and ailments
we face is aging.

Aging refers to the phenomenon whereby cell activity diminishes with the onset of age. Aging not only decreases motor function, but is considered to be one of the root causes of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and cancer.
Fact 02

NMN acts by vitalizing cells
to aid in repairing
various ailments.

Consuming NMN allows for the partial rejuvenation of cells that have begun to lose their functionality. (*1)
Moreover, it is a new nutrient for the coming age, which offers prevention and improvement of a range of ailments and diseases.

※1 Cell 155, 1624-1638, 2013 (test of NMN administration in mice)

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Fact 03

NMN helps increase NAD,
a substance vital to life
that is progressively lost with age.

NMN is converted in the body into NAD, a substance that we need to live.
NAD is contained in the cells of living beings and serves as a source of energy. However, it decreases in quantity with age, and even if consumed directly, very little ultimately reaches the cells. However, it is now understood that NAD content can be efficiently increased through NMN. (*1)

※1 Cell 155, 1624-1638, 2013 (test of NMN administration in mice)

Fact 04

Getting "NMN" through supplements

NMN is neither a drug nor a new chemical formula produced by human. It is a substance derived from vitamin B3, and is a nutrient that is naturally produced within the body. With age, however, people's bodies are said to lose the ability to produce it. Thanks to the results of many years of aging research, NMN has now been successfully produced as an important nutrient to help combat the aging process. Anyone can easily purchase this supplement online through vendors like us at NOMON SHOP.
Our mission is to help people and society maintain a better standard of living,
both mentally and physically, for the long run.

We aim to enable people everywhere to
lead fulfilling lives true to themselves and pursue
the concept of "productive aging".